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From I was born I think I have, without even thinking about it, done what I love to do.

In my twenties, I played music and later became a professional sound engineer, touring with bigger bands in Denmark. Started my own Sound and Light rental company and became familiar with the big audio brands in the world – like TCElectronic which was the Ferrari in music-gear.

In my thirties I started working at TCElectronic and worked my way from Audiotester to Product-Manager to Tradeshow Manager to Pro Audio Sales Manager for Denmark and later International Marketing Manager for TCElectronic and TC-Helicon.

In my forties, TCElectronic became TCGroup and bought Tannoy, LabGruppen and other major brands.  I became VP of marketing and traveled around the world to make sure the brands were seen the right way and often.

In 2015 TCGroup was sold and I decided to try something new and exciting. I started a small pedal company called and also started consulting in Marketing and Sales. I ran in to Ronnie, now my partner in Circles&Squares. We wanted the same – to invest in and help great people with great ideas and great technologies. In 2019 we started Cirles&Squares – and we are always looking for talent :0)


Industry leader in MI marketing, specializing in brand development and brand awareness through utilization of multi/social media strategies, public and media relations, and market trends. Expert in product development from concept phase through launch and into post-launch, evidenced by 100+ successful product launches.


  • High-level brand building
  • Content strategy and development
  • Multi/Social media
  • Brand and product surveillance
  • Tradeshow strategy and design
  •  Instore display solutions
  •  Intelligent media placement and negotiation
  • Budget (overall and product-level)


Internal and external top management, Business and product management, Stakeholders, MI and Pro Vendors, Press, Artists, Tradeshow organizers.


VP of Marketing 30 April 2015 – 3 September 2015

Music Group, Denmark

  • Managed brand marketing for Music Group’s MI brands: TCElectronic, Bugera, TC-Helicon, Tannoy.
  • Formulated future marketing strategy on all brands
  • Developed tradeshow strategies and implemented their design
  • Reorganized management hierarchy

VP of Marketing 2010 – 2015

TC Group, Denmark

  • Managed brand marketing for TC Group brands: TC Helicon, Tannoy Studio, TC Electronic, along with distributed brands (Dynaudio Professional, Blue Microphone)
  • Responsible for TC Group marketing worldwide
  • Managed strategic marketing and creative design, brand concept, design, and implementation, multi/social media, ROI, press and PR communication, advertisement purchasing
  • Started and built the artist relations division

  • Implemented the PolyTune and TonePrint apps
  • Designed and implemented tradeshow concepts including budget and ROI
  • Managed a 14-member team (10 in HQ, 1 in Japan, 2 in China, 1 in USA)
  • Responsible for corporate identity, including on/off-line identity, of all TC Group brands
  • Direct communication with top management (CEOs in sister companies and HQ, Business management, product management, for TC Group throughout the world

Alland Strand



Company Description Year
Digital Signage + digital meeting room solutions. Co-founded. 2018
ScreenBuddy Digital Signage Software. SaaS business 2018
Digital meeting room solutions. Co-founded. 2018
Bricksite Webpage builder / content management system (CMS). 2017
Noatronic Ultimate wireless experience and control for guitarist 2019
Trivia Quiz App.
The most immersive trivia game you'll ever play
Try not to get addicted!
WasteTech. Sustainable Waste Management 2020
High-end state-of-the-art maker of components for top artists in the music business. Co-founded. 2020
Digital Electric Contractor Machinery with Future A.I. autonomy 2020
An interactive streaming service dedicated to comprehensive learning for singers. 2021
The next generation of high-efficient methanol fuel cell solutions. 2021


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