Ronnie Bach

Ronnie Bach

Ronnie Bach has +20 years of experience in the IT-sector.

At age 19 Ronnie founded DanDomain A/S, which became one of the most successful and largest IT-hosting companies in Denmark.
Ronnie exited DanDomain A/S to major international hosting player Intelligent in 2016.

“Strongminded entrepreneur with capability to grasp highly complexible stuff and simplify it.”

I enjoy the beauty of bridging technology and business.

Skills & interests: technology, leadership, strategy, marketing, innovation.

Passionate music lover. Playing piano and guitar. Composing and recording in homestudio.




Circles & Squares
Partner / Group CEO – Jul 2018 – Present


DanDomain A/S

CEO – Nov 2012 – Jun 2017
New strategic directions based on rediscovery of our DNA and corevalues and hiring skilled and dedicated talents.

Entrepreneur/Founder – Mar 1999 – Jun 2017

Chairman of the board – May 2009 – Jan 2013

CTO, business and product engineering – Apr 1999 – Nov 2012

DI – Dansk Industri

Boardmember DI Randers-Norddjurs – Sep 2014 – May 2017


“I really enjoyed working with Ronnie because of his very honest and likeable personality. He is one of those people that you just enjoy hanging around with, and simply just follow. Ronnie helped me sharpen my market understanding, and his perspectives on launching products in the fit between market, customers and product are unique. I would love to work with him again, but until then I give him my best recommendations as a colleague and a manager.”

Jane Wildau RørbækFounder and Customer Experience creator at Deployal | NPS | Journey Mapping| Key note speaker


“Ronnie is what I define as a true entrepreneur. Starting in a basement, ending up with mill DKK revenue company, and still being able to ‘reach the ground’. Ronnie is one of the few CEO’s who understands that the power of the business lays in the empowerment of his employees to do, and act, as their very best self – continuously challenging and improving the potential within his organization. Ronnie also understands the customer better than most, and are able to go below the actual request of the customer, and being part of designing the solution for the actual need, which is communicated to the organization in a straight forward and eye-to-eye way, ending up with real solutions to real needs – hence providing true value to the customer. Ronnie has all my best recommendations.”

Jesper Palm Mortensen. Vice President for Platform Services hos JN Data A/S

Ronnie Bach

Ronnie Bach



Company Description Year
Digital Signage + digital meeting room solutions. Co-founded. 2018
ScreenBuddy Digital Signage Software. SaaS business 2018
Digital meeting room solutions. Co-founded. 2018
Bricksite Webpage builder / content management system (CMS). 2017
Noatronic Ultimate wireless experience and control for guitarist 2019
Trivia Quiz App.
The most immersive trivia game you'll ever play
Try not to get addicted!
WasteTech. Sustainable Waste Management 2020
High-end state-of-the-art maker of components for top artists in the music business. Co-founded. 2020
Digital Electric Contractor Machinery with Future A.I. autonomy 2020
An interactive streaming service dedicated to comprehensive learning for singers. 2021
The next generation of high-efficient methanol fuel cell solutions. 2021


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