Circles & Squares

We invest in talents and technology!
More than a traditional business angel…

Are you looking for an investor?

If you are just looking for an investor to put money in your company – sure you can find lots of business angels out there.
However if you are looking for more than just money – wise money – partnering up with Circles & Squares enriches your company with 3 diversified complementray set of competences – that will help you reach your success!

Want to meet us? We always welcome you with a cup of coffee 🙂

We believe in arguments and communication.

We believe in human skills and attitude.

We believe in people more than the right exam.

We believe in having a job as your hobby

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CMO / Partner

Do what you love!

From I was born I think I have, without even thinking about it, done what I love to do.

Ronnie Bach


Be goddamn passionate!

Strongminded entrepreneur with capability to grasp highly complexible stuff and simplify it.

I enjoy the beauty of bridging technology and business.

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